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I'm An Eagle, Not'a Field Chick - Rebekah Lea Phelps

This book really spoke to me. It is a great story about discovering one's identity and attaining self acceptance. The journey Goldie the eagle takes to find her true identity is inspiring, honest, and healing. The stones of remembrance at the end each chapter are insightful and lead the reader through the milestones Goldie reaches as she is discovering her identity. The voices of the critics are loud and truthful to the way in which the critics of our lives attempt to keep us from discovering our true selves and voice. The ending is so telling of God's redemptive power as Goldie finds her Boaz and is at peace with herself and her life. This is a great book for anyone to read, it is insightful and makes one ask the questions needed to begin and end their journey of self discovery successfully.